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The Field Production

The area of the farm land is 330 hectares and the main production is Grain. This year we cultivate70 ha winter wheat ,100ha spring wheat  ,barley on 80 ha and sugarbeets aproximately 50ha. + EU non-production 30ha.


The Marathon

During 24-25 April in 2002 there was an unique combi-drill event at Gårdskulla. With a Valtra S tractor and a Väderstad Rapid 6m combi-drill there was  164 hectares drilled in 24 hours. The spring was early but very dry .The 9 fields were of different size 5-35 ha which is normal in this region. Four different types of seed 250kg/ha and fertilizer 550kg/ha was spread out. The aim was to drive as a contractor in normal conditions around the clock.Marcus Grönholm congratulated the three driversPer Fimmerstad, Patrik Cederskär and Johan Mattson at the goalflag.

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Normally we start harvesting around the 15 of August. Early types of barley can be harvested by the end of july if the summer is dry. The springwheat gives 5 ton/ha yields and the winterwheat aprrox 6,5ton/ha. We have a Claas Lexion 480 combine, 25ft from 1999.





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Valtra 8400, Valtra 8550, Valtra 8750,CAT 910, Ford655

Claas Lexion 480, 25fot

Väderstad Rapid 4m, Rollex 8m, Harrow 8m, Cultivator 5m

Bogballe fertilizer

Hardi Twin 24m


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Gårdskulla is co-operating with many companies in the farming business to develop methods for Nordic conditions. Valtra and Väderstad on machinery and for example Kemira is taking part in different projects.




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To the Manor belongs also 1000 ha of forest which is managed together with Metsäliitto. The forests fulfill the requirements of the Pan European Forest Certificate and the annual grovth is 5000m3. Spruce trees dominate with ca 50% the rest is pine 30% and birch.





Christmas trees

Christmas trees are produced on smaller fields that are not convenient for the big farming machines. Still mainly picea abies trees dominate the market and they need to be hand cut every year during the 12 year growing period. An increasing part of the trees are sold during the traditional Christmas Tree Safari when families come from Helsinki and surroundings to cut their own tree.

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